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About The Company

About Us

Since 1995 , ICCO - the developer of CollectPlus software - has been dedicated to the success of its clients by delivering innovative software solutions tailored to their specific business needs. We understand that in business, people experience stress and frustration trying to find the best software solutions every day. Our goal is to create software that fits the way you think and the way your business runs.
Our Reputation
 We have agencies all over the world running on software systems built and maintained by ICCO. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we have passed their highest level of requirements and have implemented robust, efficient and scalable systems built on Microsoft technology in enterprise deployments since 1995.
" By integrating and automating key business functions into a stream-lined application, companies are getting ahead of their competition by gaining productivity, generating more sales, and enhancing their ability to meet their goals."
 Our customers enjoy software solutions that are fully documented and non-proprietary in architecture, making it easy to maintain and troubleshoot. ICCO takes pride in providing the best products and services in the industry. We believe our growth is a reflection of our commitment to total customer satisfaction.
Using Technology

We understand the importance of technology in staying competitive. That is why our software is built using the latest technology from Microsoft: SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Web Services and Office. Working with the latest Microsoft products allows CollectPlus to take advantage of the most up-to date features available.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner