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Software Overview

CollectPlus uses the latest technology to offer you a powerful and reliable software system for debt collection & recovery. By using CollectPlus you will boost your productivity and you will collect more in less time.

CollectPlus is offered in two editions, Standard and Enterprise. The Standard edition satisfies all the needs of most collection operations and comes ready to use out of the box. The Enterprise edition is intended for operations that go beyond collections. It requires additional configuration and allows for highly complex scenarios and your own SQL Server coding.

CollectPlus Edition Comparison

Standard Enterprise
Price includes web hosted database server  
Unlimited creditors, debtors, accounts, and payments
Handles payments from/to external collection agencies
Powerful integrated CRM system
Integrated with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
Built-in security groups
Audit Log
Easy to use screens
Hosted on the cloud
Customizable drop down lists
Clear documentation
One-time and recurring credit card payments (Authorize.NET)
One-time and recurring ACH bank debits
Fees calculated based on percentages
Electronic signatures
Fourteen user defined fields
SMS Text messaging
Click-to-Dial capability
Integration with Google Drive for document storage
Ability to feed data to a predictive dialer
Unlimited user defined fields per account
SMS Text reply workflows
Customizable screen layouts
Advanced customizable security
Completely customizable workflow rules
Database can be hosted on your own server
Sales and commissions module
Payment scheduling and financing screens
Customizable import templates
Includes free integration with existing third party vendors
Debtor scoring
Web interface (Web hosting charges not included)
Create ad-hoc SQL Reports
Powerful intelligent dynamic forms and questionnaires
Completely customizable fee calculations
Pricing starts at (monthly) $150 $350

If you are unsure whether a particular feature is included in the Standard Edition just contact us.

For a more in depth review of our software your can review our feature list, take our Self-Guided Tour, or schedule a One-on-One Demo.

Industry specific features and information can be found on the following links:


Not your average debt collection software

Financing and loans

Health insurance claim processing

Built-in CRM and document system

Make it fit your business at no extra cost

Learn more by reviewing our complete feature list.

A system designed to increase productivity

Specialized Client Management Screens with Productivity Enhancing Features - Managing clients in CollectPlus is unlike any other Collection Software available. Our screens are well organized making locating information and data entry effortless. With visual color cues, advanced searches and customizable fields, you have the freedom to tailor CollectPlus to best suit your agency.

Some Client Management Features

Client/Debtor List
Client Contact/Fee Plans
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Improve the way you work with your portfolio

Simplified Debtor Screens Allow for Easy Navigation & Organization - Our Debtor management screens make performing debtor related tasks like recording payments and forwarding accounts, quick and easy. With CollectPlus, your day-to-day management of debtor accounts is no longer complicated. Our complete software system will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your agency.

Some Debtor & Account Management Features

#1: Debtor Details
#2: Debtor/Payment Entry
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Easy system configuration and administration


Our Administration Console lets you make changes right to your very own database without all the bureaucratic red tape you usually find with other collection software. Set your own parameters and enable/disable your preferences with ease. No need to call us to modify how your system works when you need to change the way you to do business! We give you flexibility and control right at your own very fingertips. We know today’s marketplace continues to evolve, and consequently so will your business model requirements.

Getting CollectPlus means you are investing in a software that was created to meet the ever changing demands of the industry with you so that you don’t have to pay a fortune every time you need to adjust how you do business.

  Some Administration Console Features
  • Manage multiple Contact Plans
  • Maintain multiple Fee Structures (Collection Plans)
  • Securely manage System Users and Security Permissions
  • Quickly view Audit Log of user activi-ty
  • Easily create Reports and Document Templates
  • Define External Agencies
#1: Admin Console #2: Admin/Contacts #3: Admin/Fee Structures
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Using the latest technology while maintaining reliability


Our development team has been working with Microsoft SQL Server databases since 1997. We upgrade the application as newer products and updates come out, so you know you are getting the best performance out of your computer systems.

And for added peace of mind, CollectPlus has been certified Compatible with Windows by a third-party testing company.

Microsoft SQL Server
Compatible with Windows 7Windows 10 Compatible
Visual Studio