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Product Information

Standard Edition Features

All the features described here are available in the CollectPlus Standard Edition. For additional features in the Enterprise Edition please click here.

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User Interface CollectPlus Dashboard

- User-friendly real-time Windows server application 
- Unlimited clients, debtors and accounts 
- Unlimited cosigners and related parties 
- Unlimited space for notes in almost every screen 
- Helpful color alerts and status indicators 
- Customizable dropdown lists throughout 
- User defined fields on all major screens
- Customizable form layouts and captions: Screens that allow you to move, rename, or hide fields completely on your own  
- Automatic field verification and formatting
- Quick navigation and actions using right-click context menus

Collection Activities

- Import accounts using our built-in template
- Assign accounts to collectors or queues, either individually or in bulk
- Manage workload easily, view other queues, and reassign debtors quickly
- Schedule follow-ups (including popup reminders) with one click
Learn more about our interactive collector work queues

or View our video demonstration!

- Quickly locate accounts by almost any field 
- Batch tasks and documents for quick handling 
- Dial the person directly from the screen
- Track all balance changes in one simple screen (interest, fees, payments) 
- Administer & track payment promises 
- Track client payments and all transactions

Payment Processing
& Accounting

- Integrated with Authorize.NET
Integrated with Authorize.NET
- Collect payments instantly over the phone
Learn more about our credit card and ACH collection features

- Print checks to creditors 
- Complete trust account reporting
Built-in CRM System

- A CRM system that promotes efficiency through interaction via email, mail and text messages
- A complete issue tracking system that improves inter-departmental communication and auditing

Document System

- Seamless integration with Google Drive for document storage on the cloud
Google Drive
- Batch generation of letters with ease 
- Create templates in Microsoft Word and seamlessly generate PDFs from the system with the information filled-in 

View our document batching video demonstration!

- Debtors can electronically sign documents online
- Email capability and integration with Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
- Documents can also be sent as text via SMS Text messaging (More information below)

Text Messaging (SMS)

- Integrated with MessageMedia
Integrated with MessageMedia
Learn more about our Text Messaging (SMS) Features

Document Management

- Attach documents to accounts as easily as drag-and-drop into the screen

Phone System Integration

- Auto-dial capability with any TAPI or SIP System
NOTE: Tested with Televantage, Asterisk, Interactive Intelligence, and Avaya


- Security system with predefined roles: Administrator, Collector, Accountant, Manager
- Audit log


Compatible with Windows 7

Technical Support
and Upgrades

- Support and maintenance contract includes upgrades and new version updates
- We invest heavily in R&D. 500 new features added this year!