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Educational Debt Collection System
CollectPlus is a powerful software system that will improve your student debt collection. We can help your delinquency and receivables department collect more debt with less effort. Call us for a free demo and find out why CollectPlus is the best choice for your institution.

"You guys have been great and I really look forward to a long relationship"

Jeff Thelen, Michigan State University

Improve how you collect on your student accounts
  Managing student debts in CollectPlus is unlike any other Collection Software available. Our screens are well organized to make locating information and data entry effortless. We use visual color cues, advanced searches and customizable fields so you can tailor CollectPlus to best suit your collections department.
  Some Features...
  • Easily store, display and search by your own Student ID.
  • Use your own validation code to validate Student IDs
  • Control how the screens look by using our customizable form layouts
  • View all the debts for a particular student on one screen
  • Handle returned checks (NSFs) with just one click
  • Setup a schedule of automatic bank debits to repay a student's debts (a.k.a. ACH or EFT)
  • Add fees and track balance changes using the Balance Change tab
  • Easily prorate payments or manually override the payment allocation
Easily forward debts to external collection agencies
  Our student management screens make performing debt related tasks like recording payments and forwarding accounts to external agencies, quick and easy. With CollectPlus, your day-to-day management of student debts is no longer complicated. This simplistic - yet thorough - software will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your collections department.
  Some Features...
  • Ability to easily handle debts internally, or forward them to external collection agencies
  • Easily handle payments received from the debtor on debts that have been already forwarded
Collaborate with the other departments
  With CollectPlus, you have the ability to control every aspect of your collection process, including how you work with other departments. With web connectivity and email notifications, your entire institution is always up-to-date.
  Some Features...
  • Easily export or link the collection data to your other computer systems so you know when to withhold services or refuse registration
  • Email one or more people when certain events such as a payment occur
  • Allow the different departments to check the status of their debts using the web interface, or link the data from CollectPlus to other computer systems

Integration with Kuali Financial System

  CollectPlus has extensive integration with the Kuali Financial System (KFS) through the implementation of the following features:
  • Ability to search for Creditors using the Account Number from KFS
  • Ability to generate CollectPlus Reports using filters from KFS such as Account Number and Object Code
  • Ability to import the Student Receivables Files generated from KFS.
  • Ability to Export from CollectPlus an Account Distribution Report to be imported into KFS
Easily customize letters and reports
  The customizable nature of CollectPlus allows you to easily tailor both the letters and reports to make your collections department more productive.
  Some Features...
  • Track your activity by using our built-in reports
  • Easily create your own reports using standard Microsoft development tools
  • Create your own letter templates in Microsoft Word and reuse them from CollectPlus
For a more in depth review of our software your can review our feature list, take our Self-Guided Tour, orschedule a One-on-One Demo.