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At CollectPlus, we believe in providing you with all the information you need to make an informed software purchase. Below are some of the testimonials we have received from current ICCO customers that believe in the quality of our software products.

  "Having received spotty customer service from the vendor of a previous software package, a commitment to excellent service was a priority in the evaluation of a new product. ICCO has met and exceeded my expectations in this regard.
  In the past several months of communicating with the staff of ICCO I've yet to have an email or phone call remain unanswered for more than a single business day * most often getting a response to a question within minutes. An important part of my evaluation was a demonstrated commitment to Microsoft's .NET and SQL Server development environments.
  CollectPlus collections software package takes advantage of these technologies thereby providing my institution with a great deal of flexibility.
I've worked closely with several ICCO staff members over the past few months hammering out business specific functionality and without exception I've found everyone with which I've interacted to be courteous, knowledgeable, and timely."
  Jeff Thelen, Michigan State University
  "...The main benefit has been the ability to get more done using less people and having certain processes automated which before required numerous steps and work-arounds. So far we have been able to automate 7 positions for a savings of $3,500 per week in labor costs. Training employees is much faster and easier given the layout of the software. The security settings and audit history logs are extremely helpful."
  Preston Cochrane, AAA Fair Credit Foundation
  "The program is reliable and ever improving as they are making enhancements on a regular basis. The ability to generate reports and customize features is unlimited! You name it and if it doesn't already have the capability they can create it for you. The program is easy to use for the most novice individual and allows you security features to keep curious eyes or those with intent or by accident to not see or make changes to areas that may be sensitive. "
  Scott Peterson , American Credit Foundation
  "... I’ve no recollection of how I came upon [your software], no idea where I found the time to install and begin to use it, and no understanding of how I planned or completed anything without it before! This truly is an amazing product ."
  Dan Embry, Onsite Technologies
  "Their support staff was professional, knowledgeable and most helpful. Their spent the necessary time making sure we understood the program and addressed any and all issues that arose. Their dedication and expertise made the conversion a tremendously satisfying experience.

Since our conversion their continued support has been vital in helping us operate effectively and efficiently. Every issue that arises we find the same level of cooperativeness and effectiveness in their staff finding the best solution to our problem. Their attitude of allowing and even encouraging our input, shows your continued commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction."

  James O. Parker III, Lighthouse Credit Foundation
  "Just a quick note to let you know how thrilled we are with the program that you've written for our company... This program has automated many functions of our business. It has made our field staff more efficient, increased the quality of service provided to our customers, and has allowed us to shift the work of 1. 5 full time employees, thus saving us over $70,000 per year in payroll expenses. . . . It is such a pleasure to work with someone who can provide: 1. a reasonably accurate estimate of project costs. 2. services for a fair consulting fee. 3. explanations in simple English, without talking over my head. 4. proficient technical knowledge. 5. outstanding customer service and support. . . "
  Kenneth J. Levinson, CJ Ventures Inc.