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Insurance Claim Processing



“From day one, the CollectPlus team has been on point in producing the perfect customized billing & collection software to meet our specific needs. Because of the CollectPlus software we have increased productivity, effectiveness, and the automating of specific services has made us more efficient.
We are extremely satisfied with this product.

Alex Martinez, Alemar Billing Consultants


Automatically Fill Insurance Claim Forms

Save tons of time by using CollectPlus to automatically fill and print, fax and email the Health Insurance Claim Form CMS-1500.*

*CollectPlus is compatible with both CMS 1500 (08-05) and CMS 1500 (02/12) versions.


Electronically Transmit Claim Batches

In addition to generating and filling the CMS 1500 forms automatically, CollectPlus can also transmit electronic versions of the 1500 forms. The electronic format we use is approved by the clearinghouse Magellan Provider (

Easily Manage Healthcare Providers, Patients and Insurance Companies

CollectPlus automates every aspect of your medical billing and insurance claim processing:

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