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Medical Debt Collection System
CollectPlus is your one stop shop for medical claims, billing, loan, pre-collections and collection servicing for the healthcare industry. Increase staff productivity and collections performance! Let CollectPlus help you increase your care provider’s monthly revenue stream, and make their practice “patient friendly”, while decreasing the aging of your accounts receivables!

Our productivity has increased by 50%! This software has made our staff more efficient, and we are now able to offer more to our clients, as well as debtors. We’re very happy we purchased CollectPlus and we’re excited for all of the possibilities this software has presented.”

Jeff Blackett, Patient Finance & Loan

CollectPlus Works for any Medical Collection Process
No matter what side of the medical collection industry you represent, we are confident CollectPlus can address your specific business software needs. Because of the inherent flexibility built right into every installation of CollectPlus, our software system is able to adapt to your business logic, helping you deliver outstanding collection and billing services to your clients:

Medical/Doctor Office

  • General Medical Practice
  • Physician Groups
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Corrective Vision Centers
  • Fertility and Reproductive Centers
  • Weight Loss Centers
  • Mental Wellness Centers
  • Other Elective Surgery Centers

Large or Small Healthcare facilities

  • Hospitals
  • Specialized Clinics
  • Outpatient and Short Stay Procedures
  • Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

Dental Practice and Dental Groups

Medical Billing Services

Health Insurance Claim Processing (click here to learn more about Insurance Claim automation)

A Complete Software System for Medical Debt Collections
  With CollectPlus, in addition to full scale backend accounting and collection features, care providers will see an increase in cash flow and reimbursements, and patients will appreciate the pay options and flexibility your company will be able to now offer! We help you to address the needs of the healthcare client and the patients they serve. With CollectPlus, define your business needs and watch your operation collect more with less effort.
  Feature highlights:
  • Claims management and automation
  • Care provider contract management
  • General document management
  • Patient lending program administration
  • Amortization and payment plan administration
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Batch care provider invoices and statements detailing revenue stream including interest
  • Batch patient invoices and statements
  • Online patient portal
    • Patient can schedule and make online paymentsAuthorize.Net Payments
    • Patient can view statements
    • Share documents
    • Upload documents to be electronically signed by patient
      (other interfaces available as well)
    • Patient can submit requests and questions
  • Healthcare provider portal
    • View detailed reports on revenue
    • Debt collection performance reports
    • Search and view details on specific accounts
    • Communicate with agency using the issue tracking system
  • Import of new accounts and updated balances from GE Centricity
    GE Centricity

Other features:

  • Workflow automation management
    • Batch documents with eSignatures
    • Batch emails
    • SMS text messaging
    • Issue tracking with workflow rules
    • One-click follow-ups
    • Customizable workload distribution
  • Custom scoring model
  • Dashboard with data analytics and performance indicators
  • Automated collection work queues
    • Workload automation and prioritization
    • Rule-based account distribution
    • Time-tracking
  • Credit card payments and ACH debit capability
  • Credit bureau reports
  • Electronic signatures
  • Predictive dialer capability
  • Easily export grids to Excel, CSV and XML formats
  • Import tool
Robust accounting features
  Our student management screens make performing debt related tasks like recording payments and forwarding accounts to external agencies, quick and easy. With CollectPlus, your day-to-day management of student debts is no longer complicated. This simplistic - yet thorough - software will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your collections department.

The Accounting module is the most thorough of any collections software I have reviewed. Working with CollectPlus has increased our ability to effectively manage our payment plans, incoming and outgoing payments, returns and aging. We can now manage all of these areas effortlessly”

Cassie Roskelley, Patient Finance & Loan

  Accounting feature highlights:
  • Automatically calculates accrued interest, showing allocation to principal and interest
  • Trust accounting tracks patient payments, checks to care providers, and fees
  • Easily handles credit memos and write-offs
  • Define fee structures to suit your unique contractual agreements with care providers
  • Tier-based commission system
  • Credit card payments and ACH debit capability



Customer Spotlight

Patient Finance and Loan
South Ogden, UT


Medical Billing, Collections, and Loan Processing

  Initial Situation: 
Having looked at several software systems, they still have not found a software system that can easily manage the medical billing, medical collections and medical loan processing core to their primary business services.

Try to find or Implement a cost efficient, user friendly software solution to manage all sides of their business services, especially a dynamic payment plan scheduler for special payment arrangements with patients.


After installing and configuring CollectPlus,

  • Productivity has increased 50%
  • Payment arrangements and payment plans are handled with a few mouse clicks using the built-in Payment Schedule feature
  • Letters in Microsoft Word print out with all the calculations and personalization
  • Built-in statements and reports simplify communication with patients and care providers
  • Expenses saved by using built-in email feature
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Increased debt collection

Patient Finance and Loan offers other services besides collections, such as medical billing, and patient lending programs. Therefore it was imperative that their choice debt collection software solution address all three of their service specialties. 

After looking around at different systems, PFL felt that CollectPlus was the only solution that was flexible enough to meet their collection needs, and still offer them room to grow for current, and future business verticals. With CollectPlus, they found they could quickly launch their collections platform as well as manage complex billing processes for several medical providers, including the ability to administer competitive patient lending programs.

CollectPlus offers any company in any industry, the ability to use the latest technology to manage their debt portfolio in one single flexible software system. With tools to manage clients and debtors in a customizable fashion, CollectPlus is able to adapt to any collection process, offering new levels of reliability in an economic time where collecting debt has become challenging without strategic efforts administered by competent software.

Trevan Blaisdell, in charge of Operations at PFL, has seen productivity increase on the floor since going live with CollectPlus, “Our collectors can get to the information they need quicker, allowing more work to get done in less time. Accessing account details from numerous clients is no longer tedious and unmanageable. Processing more accounts in less time has translated into more returns on debt recovery. We especially love their dynamic payment schedule feature, which has made setting up payment arrangements a breeze for repayment.”

Cassie Roskelley, Collections Officer at PFL, is thoroughly pleased with the capabilities CollectPlus has brought to their day-to-day operations, “The Accounting module is the most thorough of any collections software I have reviewed. Working with CollectPlus has increased our ability to effectively manage our payment plans, incoming and outgoing payments, returns and aging. We can now manage all of these areas effortlessly. The software is very user friendly, and we’ve found it to be very adaptive to the processes of our company.”

As part of the core team trained on CollectPlus, Roskelley went on to express her satisfaction working with ICCO, “We have found a software provider that not only has created a flexible system that was easily adaptable to our needs, but a staff that has gone beyond the call of duty to make sure we were happy with our decision. They’re knowledgeable and friendly and have been more than accommodating to our needs! Anything we’ve asked of them, from importing reports and word documents, to modifying the software to fit our processes, they’ve done with efficiency and kindness.”

For a more in depth review of our software your can review our feature list, take our Self-Guided Tour, orschedule a One-on-One Demo.