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Accounts Receivable Software

Accounts Receivable Software

Once your organization reaches a certain volume of business, it will inevitably experience an increase in accounts receivable and delinquencies. Our software will help you collect your overdue accounts and reduce your accounts receivable.

CollectPlus has helped organizations in the same situation as yours take control of their accounts receivable. Our software allows importing debts from your current accounting software, as well as update the records when payments are collected. We can segregate debts by department or customer, allowing you to set parameters for each.

Another feature that organizations have come to rely upon is our debtor scoring, which lets you quickly prioritize your work queue based on your own unique set of parameters.

Please visit our product information page to learn more about our accounts receivable software. To arrange a personalized demonstration please fill out our request form, or contact us at the number or email at the bottom of the page.