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Product Information

Enterprise Edition Features

The Enterprise Edition includes all the features in the Standard Edition plus the features described below. For a comparison between the two editions please click here to go back to the Software Overview.

CollectPlus uses the latest technology to offer you a powerful software system for
- Debt collection for multiple clients
- Accounts receivable (Primary collections)
- Loan origination
- Financing
- Debt portfolio management

Let us help you increase your revenue with our cutting-edge software and industry expertise.

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User Interface CollectPlus Dashboard

- Customizable form layouts and captions: Move, rename, or hide fields completely on your own
- Unlimited user defined fields
- Completely customizable codes and alerts 

Collection Activities

- Customize your own import templates
- Batch tasks and documents for quick handling using your own custom datasources
- Readily integrate with any phone system for dialer and screen pop-ups
- Ability to automate your workflows with user-driven and scheduled actions

Payment Processing
& Accounting

- Collect payments online
Learn more about our credit card and ACH collection features

Financing and Loans

- Create payment plan templates with predefined formulas based on any variable such as debt amount, score, state, aging, etc...
- Allow flexibility in payment arrangements by personalizing the payment plan at any time
- Originate loans and transfer or consolidate all or partial balances on other accounts
- Complete budgeting including assets and liabilities
- Debtor scoring to expedite loan decision


- Straight or variable commission rate plans
- Commission formulas can be as complex as you need

Built-in Web Interface for Debtors

- Web interface allows customers to rate experience so you can easily track customer satisfaction by department or activity over time

Document Generation

- Create templates in Microsoft Word and seamlessly generate them from the system 
- Unlimited customized fields for personalization
- Create Ad-hoc queries and reports using many compatible tools (including SQL Server Reporting Services) 
- Output most reports to screen, HTML, RTF, Excel or PDF 
- Batch generation of letters with ease 

View our document batching video demonstration!

- Debtors can electronically sign documents online
- Schedule reports to be sent later
- Email capability and integration with Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
- Documents can also be send via SMS Text messaging (More information below)

Text Messaging (SMS)

- Remind debtors of an upcoming payment date when they are on a payment plan schedule
- Ability to program actions to specific responses to text messages (reply PAY to execute an ACH debit)
- Integrated with MessageMedia
Integrated with MessageMedia
Learn more about our Text Messaging (SMS) Features

Document Management

- Scan documents directly in the system using a compatible document management system such as Imaging101

Phone System Integration

- Ability to feed data to a predictive dialer

Debtor Scoring
Debtor Scoring

- Quickly evaluate the chances of getting paid
- Configure as many scoring models as you need
- Calculate an individual's score or score an entire debt portfolio
- Ties with our dynamic-forms feature allowing you to add any field needed on your score formula to CollectPlus
- Provides the ability to have multiple score models on the same debtor to evaluate the risk of non-payment
Learn more about Individual Debtor Scoring Features

Dynamic Forms & Questionnaires

- Create your personalized set of unique questions you want your collectors and analysts to gather for each account or debtor
- Add as many fields as you need to each debtor file
- Use that information to calculate a score using the Debtor Scoring feature
- With CollectPlus you will never be constrained by a limited set of fields again

Remote Connectivity

- Secure 24X7 web access for both clients and debtors (using HTTPS)
- Client grouping for client access and control of large national accounts
- Collectors and agents can connect to the system from remote locations using Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services) or using our hosted server in the cloud


- Full-fledged security system including completely customizable control level permissions


- Microsoft SQL Server Database - Powerful, scalable, reliable 
Microsoft SQL Server
- Robust application can handle unlimited users 
- Simple management of your database using the Enterprise Manager 
- ODBC and ADO compliant 
- Import/Export Capability 
- Hot online backup with ability to do point-in-time restore 
- Written in Visual Basic and .NET, proven open standards
- Server and database can be hosted in the cloud (SaaS)
Learn more about cloud services


- Reports, Letters, Fee Formulas, and all settings can be customized by you.
- Additional screens, fields, or anything else beyond what is documented can also be fully customized by our Consulting team for an hourly fee.