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ICCO Releases CollectPlus, Software for Collection & Recovery
  Coral Springs , Florida , USA , March 9, 2005 - ICCO has just released CollectPlus 2005, a powerful software system for Debt Collection & Recovery.
  CollectPlus uses the latest technology to offer you a Collection Software that is easy, reliable and affordable. With cutting-edge software, we help your agency reach your fullest potential and boost your productivity while delivering new levels of reliability and performance.
  With its specialized client management screens and productivity enhancing features, CollectPlus makes managing clients simple, unlike any other Collection Software available. Our screens are well organized and make locating information and data entry effortless. With visual color cues, advanced searches and customizable fields, you have the freedom to tailor your Client portfolio - and CollectPlus - to best suit your agency.
  CollectPlus has simplified Debtor Screens to allow for easy navigation through the software and organization or information. Our Debtor management screens make performing debtor related tasks like recording payments and forwarding accounts, quick and easy. With CollectPlus, your day-to-day management of debtor accounts is no longer complicated. This simplistic - yet thorough - software will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your agency.
  The new CollectPlus Administration Console gives you the ability to control every aspect of your CollectPlus system, including the download of new version updates. The Administration Console is a single tool that not only lets you determine the overall look and behavior of the application, but also lets you define every parameter, list and security setting.
  Some of the key features of CollectPlus are:

•  Set up a Default Contact Plan for each client 
•  View a Complete List of debtor accounts 
•  Quickly Print Checks and Send Invoices to clients 
•  Complete Task Management System 
•  Easy 1-2-3 step Record Payment process 
•  Securely manage System Users and Security Permissions 
•  Quickly view Audit Log of user activity

  Visit the CollectPlus web site for more information:
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