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A Complete Debt Collection Software System

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CollectPlus automates and simplifies your debt collection and financing operations

Payment Plans and Loans
Financing screens allow you to create payment plans as well as originate loans. Plus complete budget analysis and scoring expedites the loan decision.


Built-in CRM System
Reach debtors via web, email, mail, and text messages, and promote an efficient workflow between debtors and staff using our workflow system.


Customizable by You
Screens that allow you to move, rename, or hide fields on your own for a complete custom experience at no extra cost.

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New Feature Updates
Insurance Claim Processing
In addition to handling the financing of patient procedures, CollectPlus also automates insurance claim forms.

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Individual Debtor Scoring
Quickly evaluate the chances of getting paid using the Debtor Scoring functionality in CollectPlus.

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Text Messaging (SMS)
Communicate with debtors quickly and economically. It is faster and more reliable than email.

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Press Center
April 2018
  CollectPlus 10 Hosted Standard Edition is now available. Price starts at $150 per month and includes your hosted database on the cloud.
November 2014
  Launch of CollectPlus 9 Standard Edition. A debt collection software geared for small collection operations, such as internal departmental collections and small debt collection agencies and startups. Price starts at just $50 per month including a hosted database on the cloud.
October 2014

CollectPlus completes the development of the Google Drive integration, to allow storing documents and attachments on the Google Drive cloud storage.

Google Drive Integration
  CollectPlus debt collection software supports the new SQL Server 2014 version.
SQL 2014


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Free 3rd Party Integration

Integrating with 3rd Party Applications can simplify your company's operations and bolster your competitive edge. Using our adaptable software platform, your capability to integrate with other software and vendor partners is virtually endless.

If you choose CollectPlus Enterprise Edition as your software solution and want to maintain your existing 3rd Party integrations, we will implement those components at no cost to you. Additionally, if your current software has a feature that we have not yet implemented, we will add this feature to CollectPlus free of charge.

#1 for Debt Collection Software

Our advanced debt collection software can generate additional revenue and reduce your expenses. Please contact us for a demo and experience for yourself how CollectPlus will improve your debt collection operation.

What is CollectPlus?

CollectPlus Debt Collection Software is the critical software that any debt collection agency needs to operate efficiently. Our software is also commonly used by organizations that need to collect or manage a debt portfolio of debts they generate through the regular course of doing business (called first-party debt collection). One of the most popular features in our debt collection software is the ability to generate and track recurring payment plans.

What Can CollectPlus Do For You?

CollectPlus was designed to improve your debt collection operation. How does debt collection become more profitable?

  • By increasing the debt collection rate
  • By increasing the fees
  • By increasing the volume
  • By reducing expenses

Keep reading and find out how our debt collection software tackles each and every one of those items to allow you to increase your profits.

Increase Your Fees

Your clients will be more likely to pay additional fees if you provide additional services for them. For example, the CollectPlus Web Interface allows clients to connect at their convenience and generate their own collection reports as well as collaborate with your collectors in a streamlined environment.

In addition, you can generate additional fees from your clients by:

  • Analyzing a portfolio by running your own score formula on it
  • Providing payment plans
  • Providing refinancing and loan consolidation
Increase your volume

CollectPlus does not directly increase the volume of your debt portfolio. However, CollectPlus' powerful database server guarantees that you will be able to handle large portfolios (over 50,000 debtors) without missing a beat.

Our database server is based on Microsoft SQL Server technology which is the fastest in the world.

Reduce your expenses

Our customers all agree on this. CollectPlus helps them reduce expenses by an average of 30%.

How do we achieve these savings?

  1. Fast and accurate data entry
    • Tabbed fields for quick navigation
    • Fields can be moved or hidden based on your requirements
    • Automatically checks for duplicate information
    • Customizable drop-down choices accessible with a single key
    • Customizable default data on new records
    • Customizable workflow rules to automatically insert data
    • Customizable warnings for missing fields
  2. Quickly access the information you need
    • Advanced search screens
    • Interactive search results
    • Right-click context menus with navigation shortcuts
    • Context toolbars throughout
  3. Automatic task and document generation based on customizable contact plans
  4. Generate on-demand statements and documents with a single click
  5. Place calls with single click
  6. Schedule follow-ups with a single click
  7. Debtor details pop up on incoming call when phone number on file
  8. Automatic fee calculation based on customizable fee plans
  9. Automatic fee recalculation when debts referred to a third-party collection agency