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Enterprise Edition

Our Enterprise Edition is available as either a license purchase or a rental.

A common question prospective CollectPlus customers face is whether they should Purchase orRent our software. We want to clearly explain the differences between renting and purchasing CollectPlus, to help you make the decision that is best for your agency.

Purchasing CollectPlus
When you purchase CollectPlus, you buy your user licenses in full. If you choose to add new users, you can do so by purchasing them for a one-time fee. When you make the software purchase you will:
  • Sign a Purchase Contract
  • Receive a non expiring product registration key
  • Have the option of signing a CollectPlus Technical Support & Maintenance contract (or paying per incident)
Renting CollectPlus
When you rent CollectPlus, you pay for CollectPlus on a monthly basis. Your monthly rental payment includes full Technical Support & Maintenance. If you choose to add new users, you can add extra users to your rental agreement at any time. When you decide to rent you will:
  • Sign a Rental contract that is based on a minimum of 12 months
  • Receive a new product registration key for every new month that you are current on your rental payment cycle
  • Have full Technical Support & Maintenance (included in your monthly payment)
Once you have reviewed our software features and pricing structure and are ready to make your software purchase, our sales specialists are available to help you complete the process.
By Email: Email one of our sales specialists at
By Phone: To speak with a sales specialist by phone, call 954.255.2626.